CFOs with years of experience in various industries to assist you grow your Business,

on a basis of Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly visits.

Benefit of Hiring Part-Time CFO

Benefits of Hiring Part Time CFO

When Should You Hire A Part-Time CFO?

How to Afford the CFO Your Company Needs Now?

What To Expect From A Part-Time CFO?

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Visiting CFO


Our visiting CFOs will work at your office as and when needed. This may range from a few days per week, or per fortnight, or per month, per quarter, etc.

This flexibility will help you manage cost, as you only pay when you need their professional services.

Visiting CFO


For times when your Business is expanding very fast, or when your Finance Team is over-loaded, or you just need a CFO to handle some assignments.

Without disrupting the smooth flow of the Finance Department, this CFO will assist your Team in handling one-off projects.

Visiting CFO


Your incumbent CFO is leaving. Your new CFO will only be joining in about 4 months.

Don’t worry… We have the perfect CFO to bridge the gap so that your Finance Department will continue to operate smoothly.



We will carry out a complete study of Job Scope before working with our niche Recruitment Firm to assist you secure the perfect CFO.

During the Interim Period, our Interim CFO will work at your office. You will have sufficient time to thoroughly appraise all the shortlisted CFO applicants and not be pressured to hire immediately the one that can start soonest.

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MIA, CPA, Australia Uni

Audit Big4, Pharma, Internal Audit

Expat Experience, Regional Office



Hotel, Plantation, ICT

IPO, Fund Raising


MIA, FCPA, Australia Uni

Fortune 100 Co, CEO, PLC Director

Expat Experience, APAC Team


I established CFO Consultancy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in January 2012, after having worked as Chief Financial Officer in Nacap Asia Pacific Group, Wasco Coatings Group and Simon Carves Group.

My corporate knowledge is the collection of best practices garnered from having worked in excess of 35 years with Fortune 500 companies, MNCs, PLCs, SMEs whose core businesses are in Building Materials, Construction, Engineering, FMCG and Oil & Gas.

The nature of my work had required me to travel to offices located in Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam. My expatriate Life includes being based in Bangkok Thailand (3 years), Manchester UK & Abu Dhabi UAE (1 year) and Mo I Rana Norway (2 years).

My accountancy qualification is FCCA with The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants ACCA United Kingdom (1989); Chartered Accountant with Malaysian Institute of Accountants MIA (1990). My non-accountancy qualifications are Masters in Business Administration MBA from the University of Malaya (1997); HRDF Certified Trainer (2018) and a NLP Practitioner (2019)

My years of management experience in different corporations, multiple industries, working with various nationalities and being based in 4 overseas countries have equipped me well to provide a wide range of Business Management and Organisation Consultancy Services, both in Malaysia and internationally.

I welcome you to explore the various Services Provided by CFO Consultancy.

– Tony Quah, Chief Executive Officer